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Industrial & Plant Biotechnology

Journal of Industrial & Plant Biotechnology is an open access peer reviewed journal aims to provide new and major advances in the biology and agriculture research published periodically to serve researchers seeking information in the fields of Industrial & Plant Biotechnology.

Journal publishes original research into the latest discoveries in the field of original research articles, manuscript, reviews, methodologies, commentaries, case reports, perspectives, book reviews, announcements, letters to editors, short communications and much more covering all aspects of biotechnology are welcome to this journal. Industrial & Plant Biotechnology investigates the development of microbial technologies for toxicant analysis and monitoring at scales ranging from molecules to communities.

It covers a variety of topics in this field, including, evolutionary biology, plant pathology, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, plant physiology, plant biophysics, plant bioinformatics, biometrics, plant medicine, phytochemistry, plant genomics, plant genetics, adaptations, phylogeny, plant neurobiology, horticulture, agricultural and food economics, agriculture & food security, agroforestry systems, agronomy for sustainable development, applied entomology and zoology, plant disease notes, biology and fertility of soils, chemical and biological technologies in agriculture, food, beverages, detergents, chemicals, paper, pulp and bulk production of antibiotics, etc