Instructions for Author


Format of Manuscript

Follow the sample article for Reference

All manuscript must be written in English and text should be in Times New Roman (Word Format).

First page of the paper Includes:
Title of the Manuscript: (Capitalize the first letter of all words except two or three letter prepositions)
Name of the authors (In Capital, Font Size 11). With complete affiliations (Complete Address of the Institutions with pin code) including email address.
Corresponding author(s): All articles must include the name of the corresponding author(s).

We strongly encourage authors to link their ORCID identifier

Body of the Article:


Every article must contain an Abstract it should not contain numbered mathematical equations, numbered reference citations.


Keywords should be bold and Italics; Capitalize the first word of the Keywords.

Nomenclature: Lists of symbols and Definitions.

MMR: Measles Mumps and Rubella
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BMI: Body Mass Index


A brief introduction stating the purpose of the investigation and relating the manuscript to similar previous research should be included in the manuscript. Only information relevant to the arguments should be presented, as should citations of similar important literature and the necessity of the current work with a line of hypothesis. The introduction should ideally conclude with a final paragraph that states the aims and objectives of your investigation concisely and clearly.


A brief technical description of the methodology used in the Materials and Methods section should be included with the correct citations, and if the methods are novel, a detailed description is necessary.


All first citations of figures and tables in the article must be in numerical order.

  • Tables: Each caption number should be centred above the table, with the label TABLE.1, 2…n
  • Figure: Each caption number should be centred above the FIGURE, with the label FIG.1, 2…n.



A concise conclusion that is pertinent and reflects the significance and potential scope of the manuscript.


Acknowledgment should appear at the end, just before References; no financial support in Acknowledgment section.


Citing one reference per number is used for reference numbering.


Article Type


Word Limit

Tables and Figures




Original Research Article

200-350 Words

3500-7500 Words including Figures, Tables, References, Abstract

4-6 Tables and Figures associated


Research articles include abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references.

Review Article

200-250 Words

5000-7500 Words including Figures, Tables, References, Abstract

5-10 Tables and Figures associated


It is a review of previously published research on a specific topic. It should provide a summary of current thinking on the subject.

Case Study/Report

100-150 Words

150-200 Words including Figures, Tables, References, Abstract

3-5 Tables and Figures associated


Case reports describe a patient who has unusual or unexpected characteristics or intrigued by the author’s personal experiences or objective observations.



1000-1500 Words


Maximum 5

Short articles covering a current issue relevant to the journal’s scope