Reviewer Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted for publication in Quadrant Scientific journals operate using a double-blind peer review system, in which both authors and reviewers are anonymous. The anonymity of reviewers ensures an objective and unbiased assessment of the manuscript by reviewers. A manuscript is usually reviewed by two (or more) experts. Reviewers will have the responsibility of recommending whether a manuscript should be accepted, revised, or rejected. Any issues relating to author misconduct, such as plagiarism or unethical behavior, should also be communicated to the editors.

The following important aspects of a manuscript should be considered by reviewers.


The assigned reviewer should be able to complete the review only if he or she has fair expertise. The assigned reviewer should feel obligated to decline the review should he or she not be an expert in the field.


It is highly recommended that peer review manuscripts be kept confidential. Reviewers should not share manuscripts with anyone outside of the peer review process, as well as discuss their content with anyone outside of it.

Constructive Analysis

Reviewers are asked to make detailed, effective comments that will help the editor make a decision regarding publication and how the author can improve their manuscript. Editors and authors should be able to understand the basis of the reviewer’s judgment if he or she explains and supports the judgment clearly enough. The reviewer should ensure that previously reported observations and arguments are accompanied by relevant citations and the reviewer should notify the editor immediately when they become aware that a publication has been duplicated.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

The reviewers should provide their reports in a timely manner to ensure the timely publication of a manuscript. This is beneficial for the authors, as well as the entire scientific community.

Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest arises when major differences exist between the individual’s personal and professional interests. The reviewer should notify the editor describing the conflict of interest